I am a natural healer; Communicate daily with my Spirit Guides; Connect with the dead and I love every single moment of it!   I also have a passion for teaching others the things I have learned in my life.

I was trained in the Usui Reiki Tradition by my very first teacher Fran Brown, who set me off on an amazing path of healing.  She is the one who told me “If you are a natural healer Reiki will make it organized it”  Was she ever right!!  I knew after that first class this was the path for me.  Shortly having taken Fran’s class she passed away.  I was so blessed that I was able to be one of her last students.   I’ve gone on to become a Reiki Master since then.

I’ve been trained in Aura healings and clearing.  Connected with more healing guides during this time and learned how to deeply trust them in guiding me with healings.

I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and new ways of healing.   I am always looking for new things to add to my toolbox of healing.

I have a close relationship with my spirit guides.  Being Clairaudient (clear hearing) you can often find me talking to them.  That’s fun to explain sometimes.  They assist me in giving healings.  Guiding me to what needs to be done and to new ways of healing.   My friends have many funny stories of me looking off to the side and having conversations and yes, I even argue with them at times.

I can connect and communicate with those who are no longer living or as I like to call them body challenged.  I believe sprits are all around us.  I’ve heard it said that when someone passes on they do not leave the station they broadcast on just changes.  We just need to find the station.

One of my favorite subjects to teach is grounding.  I’m an earth creature and in that I am connected to the earth.  Oh and hugging tree’s, I just love a good tree hug!

If you have any questions about something I’ve mentioned or something I haven’t mentioned drop me a note, I’ve love to hear from you.