Shhh it’s a secret


  If you are seeing this post you can get a 5 minute free distant Reiki Healing. Please send me any area you would like me to focus on to my email or comment below. Offer expires on October 31th at 1:00pm PT. Happy Halloween!  

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What can Numerology tell you?

Discover more about you through numbers.

Numerology can tell you a lot about you, your life and what kind of year you are going to be having. First of all what is it anyway? According to Wikipedia it is “Numerology is any belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study […]

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Our older loved ones

Shifting views on those who raised us.

This last month I spent 10 days caring for both of my parents.   My mother was diagnosed with early breast cancer.  My Father has several health issues that need daily care.   With my mother needing surgery I stepped in to care for them both (and give them healings). Yes, it was a lot to juggle […]

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I just don’t have time to…


I’ve been finding myself pulled in many directions this week.  It’s the busy time of year with the job, classes, updating my website, writing blogs, family coming into town tomorrow, not to mention the normal everyday things. I felt stretched really thin.   I kept thinking I just don’t have enough time to (insert whatever). […]

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What makes you feel alive?


I have always been the person who wants to look inside my mind and find out what is going on in there.  I love the phrase “kick over rocks and see what crawls out”    I’ve got a thirst for knowledge when it comes to our emotions, metaphysics and healing.  I began to read a book […]

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I’m special, just like you


I grew up being told to never brag about my accomplishments or about my abilities.  Sounds like a good philosophy doesn’t it?  Sure, except when it’s not.  Let me explain. How far do you think any of our favorite music stars would have gotten if they never thought themselves special or said “I have a […]

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The fear of being vulnerable


Okay I’ll admit it, I’ve had the fear of being vulnerable my whole life.   In my younger days I had convinced myself I could be a solid wall and keep myself safe.  Two issues with that. It keeps everyone else out It doesn’t keep me safe.  It only cuts me off from life. I recall […]

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